Upgrade Your Life
Upgrade Your Life
Re-imagining - Hotel and Co-Living
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Life is Hard, Living Should be Easy



The Cohort is part hotel, part restaurant, part co-living, and part co-working. We are a global movement that is redefining living and community.


Part Residence

Spacious and cosy rooms that are tech enabled. We make your life easier by taking care of all of the mundane tasks in life. We take care of all the bills so you do not have to. Our membership includes all costs such as electricity, water, internet, cable and much more.


Part Hotel

Enjoy luxurious hotel living at a fraction of the cost of a five star hotel. Amenities such as gym, yoga, library, cinema and game spaces are available in our buildings.


Part Restaurant

Our buildings are equipped with professional, world-class kitchens and utensils. Cook alone or enjoy cooking with others. Don’t feel like cooking? Grab a sandwich or meal from our community fridge and pay using the honor system.


Part Co-Working

Socialize with people working on exciting projects from around the globe. All of our buildings are equipped with co-working spaces and useful amenities.

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In big cities around the world, co-working has become a major trend. Co-living offers a number of benefits, from housing cost relief to energy efficiencies.

Two seemingly disparate but actually related factors account for the surge in co-living among the Millennial generation, one economic, the other sociological.

Co-living offers a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.